What comes first, an aneurysm or a stroke?

Grind 6 nutmeg nuts (approx 30g or 1 ounce) into a powder. I use a coffee grinder. If you don’t have strainer just break the nuts into large chunks using a mortal & pestle. I reccommend grinding.

Now chuck this into 750 ml of water (3 cups) and simmer without boiling over a stove for 1 hour. The water will be reduced by about 30% so your end result will be approx 500 ml of tea.

After the one hour strain the nutmeg out and let the tea cool. Then sweeten w/ honey (play around with this to see what you like best) and drink.

Note: **IMPORTANT** Do not cool the tea down to where it is noticably cold (test it with your finger). If it is noticably cold, and there is a white precipitate on the sides of your cup re-heat the tea and re-dissolve the white precipitate. You will only get minimal effects if you don’t pay attention to this.

Sources: Getting nutmeg is very easy, but getting it cost effectively might be a bit trickier. Get only whole nutmeg, don’t waste your time with the pre-ground stuff.

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